How To Up Your Stretching Game…

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Common stretching mistakes to avoid...

Stretching is one of the most underrated parts of your workout routine, it boosts flexibility, reduces the risk of injury and improves outcomes and performance. 

It is also amazing for your brain, increasing circulation, releasing happy hormones and reducing stress and tension.

Bringing a regular stretch session into your week, could be the key for happier bodies and brains. Think little and often!

Common Mistakes

Avoiding it all together!

It is tempting to finish your session and head straight to the shower, but those extra few moments spent stretching are essential in discouraging injuries and taking the intensity down a notch post workout. It is also worth mentioning that racing through your stretches is basically pointless. Take a few moments and let your body sink into the stretch gently, allowing it to work it’s magic!

Pushing too far…

Honestly, the fastest way to a stretching disaster is to think you share the flexibility of an olympic gymnast! Pushing too far into a stretch so you are shaking and in pain is a MASSIVE no no. Instead, work within the parameters where you feel comfy, safe and in control of your body to safely maximise the effectiveness of the movement. You can really hurt yourself if you don’t pay attention to this.

Consistency is KING!

10 minutes every day, with a longer one a few times per week if you feel you need it would be perfect. Remember, you can make it lovely, dynamic and active. 

Moving through a stretching series, is a fantastic way to practically improve flexibility in a way which doesn’t feel stilted or boring. Instead it feels uplifting and energising. 

Forgetting to Breathe..

The most common mistake I see in my clients and classes with stretching is holding your breath and slowly turning beetroot in the face as a consequence!

Stretching is supposed to feel relaxing, there is nothing more stressful than gasping for air… So, take your time and breathe into the stretch rather than fighting it. A steady breathing pattern will help you find more range in your stretch without discomfort. 

Stretching when suffering with an injury…

This is another really common problem. 

People think that stretching an injury is going to help with recovery. If you are suffering with an injury and you are not sure what the best course of action is, see an expert who will be able to recommend a treatment plan to help!

Top Tip…

If you are suffering with achey muscles or a tired body, post workout or work week, the best advice I could give is to hop straight into an Epsom salts bath. Spend at least 20 minutes relaxing in it, to promote self care, well-being and to alleviate stress and discomfort.

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