Our passion is helping YOU feel brilliant.

I started life as professional dancer working in musical theatre, then a change of direction led me to becoming a Muay Thai fighter in Southern Thailand. Not exactly conventional - ha!

I completed my Master Personal Trainer certification in Sydney, Australia. I have since trained and rehabbed professional athletes and have prepped celebrities for movies and global ad campaigns.

After a nasty knee injury due to a lifetime of heavy sport, I developed a more holistic approach to movement and wellbeing. The ‘state of mind’ when exercising, plays a huge role in the effectiveness of the exercise. I discovered Pilates and the method changed my perspective on life.

Classically trained on the mat and Stott Trained on the reformer, I have developed a contemporary approach to Pilates, which marries original Pilates principles with a modern, scientific approach to spinal rehabilitation and back pain.

Based in Suffolk at my Body Care Plus Studio, where we also offer rehabilitation and sports massage services, I have had incredible success helping my clients build confident, strong and capable bodies.

Building on this comprehensive foundation of expertise and experience, I started
 'The Fit Business' - offering quality mental and physical health support and motivation, to inspire people to gain self-confidence, physical strength and a positive attitude and enjoyment for life!

Our passion is to help you:

  • Boost Self- Confidence and Belief
  • Gain Strength and Fitness
  • Educate yourself about how to create and maintain healthy habits

Workout whenever you want, wherever you want with our On-Demand Body Weight Virtual Training and Exercise Platform.

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