It's All In The Prep...

recipe Feb 08, 2022

If there is a topic I often get grilled on, (sorry about the awful pun) it's the type of foods I eat and the diet hacks I employ in my life!

I always feel like my response must be a little disappointing because really there are no quick fixes or magical unicorn food solutions.  My unwavering, consistent advice is COOK FROM SCRATCH, USING THE BEST, FRESHEST INGREDIENTS YOU CAN AFFORD! (It doesn't have to be high effort or glamorous either!)

It is the single most useful piece of advice I can give you and the only way you can ensure you are in control of the quality of your ingredients and the amount of nasty extras you ingest. 

There really are no excuses not to cook, did you know it takes 2 minutes to scramble an egg, pair that with an additional minute chopping a couple of cherry tomatoes and you have the king of breakfasts in under 3 minutes. 

You can get a stir fry on the table in 15 minutes, glorious veggies and chicken in next to no time at all and a slow cooker is the best friend of a busy person, whack it on and come back to perfect stew.

The notion of not having time to cook just doesn't wash with me, what it does require is a little extra preparation. We have all had that experience when we start our cooking prep, open the fridge, expecting to see the portion of salmon, only to remember, you cooked it two nights ago...

I am a super fan of meal prepping, knowing roughly what you are going to eat over a 7 day period, shopping with a list to minimise waste and keep cost under control (and avoid purchasing rubbish from the offers on the ends of the aisles!) and generally making sure you avoid that "nothing in the fridge" moment. 

Here is an example of a weekly meal planner, hopefully it inspires you to get back in your kitchens and COOK MORE!

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