Ready, Steady, Cook...

recipe Feb 02, 2022

One of things we really focus on within our The Fit Business wellness platform, is the importance of knowing what is in your food, trying to eliminate processed foods where possible learning to eat mindfully.
So throughout Feb, we are going to post a new recipe every day, to inspire you to get in that kitchen and get cooking. 

Give you varied and interesting recipes to suit different meals and times of day, to give you some tips to create yummy food that truly nourishes your body and brain, optimising your wellness. 
Our first tip, use real ingredients! 
Things that you can't pronounce or have never heard of generally speaking shouldn't make the cut. Reducing these highly processed or tampered foods is the first step to cleaning up your diet. 
Today's recipe is a firm fave in my house, lovely speedy, cod curry. It's hearty, perfect in the colder weather and the protein in the fish really fills you up. You can also make too much and keep leftovers for lunch the next day, reducing costs and increasing convenience!


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