Spinal Imprint, Let's Learn How.

Sep 14, 2021

Today I wanted to chat and help you learn a little about Spinal Imprint, establishing this is something that can really help save your spine a load of grief and discomfort. 

This position is particularly useful if you have a “bendy” back or have suffered with back pain in the past. It helps distribute the weight in the back more consistently when you are working through back lying postures. 

In my sessions, I really encourage people to use this position as a conservative strategy to prevent back pain and connect with the core. 

So, here is how you do it 🙋‍♀️

💫 Lay on your back and bring your feet up to 90 degrees. 

💫 Keep your face soft and relaxed and draw the shoulder blades gently down towards to ground and away from your ears.

💫 Draw the breastbone down towards the bellybutton. 

💫 Gently, tuck the pelvis slightly under and bring it up to meet the bellybutton to flatten the space between the spine and the floor.

💫 Imagine your spine and the floor are behaving like a pair of magnets, neither one is winning, they are maintaining an even pressure. The spine stays anchored to the floor without lifting off or driving into the ground. 

If you can maintain this position throughout your abdominal workouts, not only will you maximise the effectiveness of the exercise but you are proactively managing your spinal health.

We have included a lovely little 2 minute tutorial video to help you get this right, honestly, if you can nail this central and spinal connection, your practice will improve immeasurably!

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