What Mindfulness Means To Me

corporate wellbeing corporate wellness provider mindfulness personal trainer self care staff engagement subscription service Aug 19, 2021

Today I wanted to talk Mindfulness and what it means to me. 

It means different things to different people but as someone who is a very practical, nuts and bolts kind of person, here is my interpretation of how to live mindfully and really appreciate the many little moments of joy life delivers us.

It is impossible to always feel overjoyed with life, things go wrong, not as we had hoped or life chucks us an unexpected curveball, living mindfully means ditching the expectation of a perfect life and appreciating and embracing the little moments which fill our hearts and make us smile. 

Take Bob, dogs are naturally mindful beings, they live in the moment, committing wholeheartedly to chasing a ball, enjoying their food, sniffing and exploring on a walk. They aren't distracted or disappointed by instagram likes or worrying if their peers think they have got the wrong shoe brand. 

In fact, there is nothing Bob loves more than a cheeky chin scratch and to sit by his window and watch his world go by. It is a reminder not to get swept away by what you think your life ought to be or look like and to allow yourself some happiness in things which give you pleasure in the moment.
Bob and John, my naughty terriers are a constant mindfulness reminder, to laugh often, never to take dinner for granted (how it can still be so exciting is beyond me, but nonetheless it's a good lesson) and to thoroughly immerse myself in the joy of being outside in the fresh air amongst the flowers, fields and big Suffolk skies.

Set yourself the challenge of thinking of three things you appreciate today and pay them some attention. It might be giving your partner a morning hug, going out for a walk in the park or sitting down for five minutes quietly and appreciating the smell and taste of a cup of coffee.

Life is what you make it, don't waste it worrying about what other people think!

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