Total Body Band Workout - Home Workout

corporate wellbeing corporate wellness provider home workout homeworkouts personal trainer pilates virtual workouts virtualpilates Aug 20, 2021

If you are on the fence about working out at home, why not try this 15 minute quick and easy to action band workout, perfect to hit those big muscle groups and wake up that metabolism. 

Here it is...

  • x 15 Reps - Lateral Walks with Squats 
  • x15 Reps - Seated Band Rows with Balance
  • x 15 Reps - Tricep Kickbacks 
  • x 15 Reps - Standing Glute Taps 

Deliver it like a circuits, so three rounds of this would be perfect. 

Aim to do it a couple of times per week to gain strength, fitness and boost your energy and mood.

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